Friday, November 30, 2012

nativity ornaments

I colored some nativity figures on the computer and made them into shrinky dinks for ornaments for a small tree I sent Brady to decorate for Christmas on his mission:
On the backs I have some Christmas sayings and a few scriptures:
And I added ornament hooks to Reisen Candies with the saying 'Reisens to love your mission' and then labeled a bag of Reisens to hang on the tree as well:
Colored nativity figures found at

I wrapped all stocking stuffers in Christmas paper and put them in a Christmas stocking, wrapped a Angry Birds blanket in Christmas paper with Santa all over it . . .
And then I got this email from Brady:

Hey Mom!!!! I got your two Christmas packages today!!! :D THANKS SO MUCH! But...I kind of failed and opened all of the presents.... -.- I made the mistake of reading the red letter you gave me AFTER....then I realized you wanted me to wait.... I'm sorry mom :(( haha. My bad.... But I love everything!!! Lots of good stuff that will come in handy! And I absolutely LOVED the angry birds blanket!!! It's awesome!!!!!!!!! I left my camera at the classroom and I opened them in the residence so Elder Broadhead took some photos of me opening the stuff! He did that for me so you could see some pics of me with them! :) Thanks again mom and Jonathan! you guys rock! I fit my tree into my suitcase! I can't wait to decorate it in Nicaragua! Oh and I got your Dear Elder today; I'm good on bags! I sent dad more pictures a few days ago. He probably got them by now! Talk to him! :D love ya mom! 

Seriously?  Neither Brady or his companion had even the tiniest clue that he shouldn't be opening the CHRISTMAS gifts before Christmas????  LoL  Silly boys!
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