Monday, March 29, 2010

8 Doves

I thought Doves stayed mostly in twos, although I've seen 4 at a time visiting our feeders. Today, there were 8 doves eating from our feeder - okay, so only 3 could fit (which is amazing because this feeder is designed for SMALL birds!) and they were flicking the seeds all over the deck and providing a great meal for the rest of them. When I grabbed my camera one dove was already in the trees and another dove was on the railing - so this is a photo of only 7 doves:
I took this picture through the window and sure enough when I opened the sliding glass door they got spooked and all flew away =( Between the woodpeckers and the doves, I have to fill up 3 feeders every 4-5 days!

And this guy let me walk right up to it. I'm thinking someone has a little nest in my tree ;) It's in the tree every time I look out the window.
And just bloggin the old plastic bag fetish the cats have:
An hour later:
And Cannella sleeping - ahhhh, pets are just like children, so precious and irresistible when they're sleeping ;)And what are these insects? I went out back and they were flying everywhere - maybe they just hatched? And will all fly away out of my yard? ;)So yeah, a lot of randomness in this post =)
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