Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Silly Olympics

I did 'silly' Olympics for a YW activity competition to WIN a makeover with our Beehive girls. Most of the girls want the makeover from Susan, a gal in our ward - and 2 girls will earn them! I gathered some ideas off the Internet and made my own medals. I tied in Ephesians 6:11-18 about putting on the whole armour of God. Nice the YW has a torch as a symbol as it was easy to put on our medals:I used my flower punch in gold, silver and bronze colors after I used a circle punch for the above part:
I hot glued the gold, silver and bronze (red) ribbon on one corner of a dove chocolate:
and then on the top corner:
and did the same on the other end of the ribbon on the other side of the chocolate (my intentions when I went to the store was to buy peppermint patties as they are circular, but their packaging is a big rectangle now, so I opted for square shaped chocolates):
Here they are with the ribbons completed:
And the circles taped to the flower punch out ready to hot glue onto the chocolates:
This was the main side that would show:
And this was the back side with the message:
Here are the gold ones:
And the bronze ones:
And the medals completed:
I made 8 of each medal as we had 8 stations.
We did Javelin - throwing Q-tips - I added names to them so it would be easy to mark places.
Shot put - throwing cotton balls - they really liked their pictures on them:
Discus - throwing paper plates - labeled them with their names:
Swimming - blowing corks with straws back and forth 4 times in a pan filled with water:
Torch Relay: picking up a lifesaver from a skewer and transferring it to another skewer about 10 feet away.
High Diving: standing on a chair, dropping pennies into a glass of water - they got 10 pennies each
Archery: shooting rubber bands at a paper plate target - they got 5 tries (only had to hit the plate, not just the bulls eye)
Weight Lifting: using a hymn book balancing on each hand and seeing how long they could hold their arms outstretched

If the girls tied, I had the girls with the highest scores go again, like the archery, the top placing girls got to shoot 2 more times and the high diving top scoring girls got to drop 5 more pennies.
. . . would have had more photos, but the girls stopped using my camera and started using their cell phone cameras - I didn't notice until we were done =( Definitely assign 1 person to take photos!
We ate blue chips, red salsa and white sour cream for a snack while I gave them their medals.
All the girls keep telling me what a fun activity this was - I highly recommend it =)
It took us about an hour to set up, Bryonie (one of my Beehives) helped me with this activity as the other Beehive leader was out of town. She used the stopwatch and helped me write down scores at each station.
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Suze said...

You're amazing Cheri! The girls are lucky to have you as a leader. What a fun activity and I'm looking forward to the makeovers!

Leah T :) said...

I love you ideas. You are an awesome planner and leader. I'm sure your girls love having you as their leader!!