Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Smartie Pants

I saw this idea in the Family Fun magazine while I was waiting for Brady at his doctor appt. I gave these out for our get-to-know you activity with the Bishopric. They are 'Smartie Pants' for our game competition:
I printed out 4 pants to a sheet and then took a blank sheet and cut them out, stapled the 2 together, added glitter around the belt and bottoms of the pants:
Then added flowers:
And 2 big rolls of Smarties:
The Bishopric ones are just plain, no glitter or flowers ;)
We asked the Bishopric members and the girls these questions:
- What famous person do people tell you that you remind them of?
- Tell us 2 truths and 1 lie.
- What are 2 things you were not good at when you were a missionary?
- If you could have a room full of anything, what would it be?
- If you could only see black and white plus one other color, what color would you choose?
- What one personality trait do you hope to pass on to your children?
- What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
- If you offered the world 1 piece of advice, what would it be?
- Tell us an embarrassing moment.
- What is a favorite birthday memory?
- What age would you like to be and why?
- Which bad habit drives you crazy?
- If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?

And then a few random ones they didn't know about:
Make your funniest face ever!
What is your favorite song? Now sing it =)
Tell a joke.
What are the names of the 7 dwarfs?
What is something you like about your mom?
What is your favorite scripture story? Now tell it =)
What is your favorite meal? When was the last time you made it for your family?
If it was legal, what animal would you own and keep as a pet?

Then at the end I wheeled out small paper plates filled with whipped cream for the Bishopric members to throw at the girls, one plate for every point they earned. The girls loved it - it was so funny! Then I wheeled out big paper plates with whipped cream on them to throw at the Bishopric. In the midst of all the excitement, no one even noticed that the plates of whipped cream were on bigger plates for the girls to throw - LoL

Here's a photo from a cell phone, so the clarity is not that great - I forgot my camera at home =(
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Shaz said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us! I love the 'smartie pants' idea! Could you please send me a template the pants, as i would love to use it for an activity for my pre school class.

My address is

Kind regards

Kelli said...

I love this idea! I'm confused about the game, though. How is is played and how do they earn the points?

Carri said...

I love the 'smartie pants' blog! Could you send me the template for the pants - I would love to use it for a reward for my son's Kindergarten class for achievement testing.

Thanks so much!