Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kittens & Cannella

We got kittens, kept the name Ninja for the black kitten and named the other one Samari. They play with Cannella very well, but Ninja plays the best with her. These are Cannella's rope toys, but I think the kitties were sleeping on them so if they weren't playing with them then neither could the dog ;) They do have a bed . . . and they do like to sleep in Cannella's bed too!
Here is Cannella, all sad because she's not potty trained like the kittens. The kitties have free roam of the house while Cannella is banned to the non-carpeted areas, so Cannella just watches the kittens and whines =( She really has been a ton of fun!
We just can't wait for Cannella to be consistent with her potty places!
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Suze said...

Did you check out your kitties sisters on my blog?