Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dangling Charms, camp craft

Maybe I will let the 1st-3rd years make charms for their purses/scripture bags/backpacks and the YCL's can make key chains since they're driving (or soon). The 4th years typically don't make crafts because of their big hike requirement.
I scanned my new purse so I could get the color match for my tile pendant on the computer. I put the image on both sides so when it's flipped over, you can still see the cuteness. I covered the sides of the tile with ribbon & I used a bead as a bail and then an eye pin through it.

What are a few good sayings I could use on the tiles - like 1-4 words? And don't say 'Team Jacob' - LoL I'm thinking of having images or sayings for the girls to pick from once at camp.
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ShelliRae said...

How did you make the images for the tiles? I am really wanting to do this with my young women. Thanks. You can email me @ spottedpen at gmail dot com