Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Orcas Island - Camping

It rained off and on Thursday, but Badminton kept everyone happy the entire weekend:
Cayden jumping above in one game and on the ground in another:

Ethan keeping us stocked with firewood, or more like keeping him occupied with an activity:

And if Ethan wasn't chopping wood, he was recruiting people to play Skipbo:

Was that smoke in their eyes or are they just not morning people:

Jonathan made a ladder from a fallen tree trunk:

Jonathan raising the tarp over the picnic tables:

Grandma got there on Friday and brought 'yum, yum bags':

Everyone was excited because junk food seems to go with camping and we only brought food for the meals:

Yup, I got a snapshot of a squirrel - the tiny ones are Jonathan's favorite - those suckers are fast as lightening!
Keaton caught the 1st fish (trout) of the trip:
Brady caught a trout the next day:
Brady also caught a few Bass too.

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