Saturday, November 1, 2008

Christmas Jammie Tops

These names and graphics will be printed on iron-on paper for my sister's kids Christmas jammie tops (they'll be big enough to go across the chest) to go with the flannel bottoms she is having custom sewn:

I made matching gift labels for my sister to use - the kids won't realize they are seeing what's on their jammies until they open them for Christmas!

The black and white graphics started out like the one on the left, I had to 'cut out' each part that I wanted a different color in a computer application - time consuming, but I love graphics - so it's worth it!  I downloaded free fonts that I thought would go with each of their personalities and then customized the fonts with colors and outlines, etc.  I also colorized the graphics with each of their favorite colors.
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fawndear said...

Can I just say that you are way ubber talented. How lucky are your sis's kids.