Sunday, May 24, 2009


Our ward split and we're the Big Rock Ward now. We had church for 1 hour the first week, stake conference the second week and for 2 hours the third week as it's being organized - a lot of callings have to be made! I am the advisor for the Beehives, this will be my 3rd year with a lot of the same girls as I was their primary teacher for 2 years previously. When the 2nd counselor and myself went to welcome the girls we had a little something to give them:
It has the 2009 youth theme on it and then the 3 things the Bishop talked about today as a combined YW/YM group: Strengthen each other, Get to know each other & Love each other. One of the dads of the YW we visited came down while we were talking with his daughter and when we were leaving, he was like 'where are the treats?' - he totally thought we were bringing goodies and he wanted some - LoL Both the counselor and myself are known for bringing food! The really nice thing about our new bishop is he is all about food for the kids - that is rare these days =) Our Bishop wants us to 1) have fun 2) love the kids & 3) teach the gospel - in that order! We are all really excited and thrilled to be part of such a neat ward!!
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