Friday, June 5, 2009

Girls Camp Beads

Some girls camp beads - I have others, but will have to post later!
Pink shimmery bead with star charm:

YCL - 5th year beads this year:
Dog tag beads for the 'toto' bead for our theme of 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road:
Craft people beads and for our YCL's who are helping:
Chef hat shrinky dink for our camp cooks and YCL's whose jobs are to help with the cooking:
Toilet Paper Bead on a wooden spool:
I designed a patriotic button that the YCL's who do flag this year will earn, as well as the 2nd year girls who will be taught flag as part of certification:
I just glued a pony bead on the back with E6000 - fabulous glue!
And for those early morning 'polar dips', here's a bead made out of a shrinky dink:
I got a plotter (which is better than a cricut because I can send whatever image from my computer to it and it cuts out foam, magnets, shrinky dink, cardstock, etc.!), which cuts out letters and shapes and it's my new favorite 'toy' =) I also have a button maker that I got for Mother's Day and it is super fun as well!
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Peggy said...

I came across your page from the yw camp yahoo site - and I think I have fallen for your blog. Can I have like half off your cuteness ability, seriously?
You are amazing!