Monday, June 29, 2009

YCL Devotional

Find your prince - frog girls camp bead (YCL devotional) scrabble tile:
I divided the YCL's into 2 groups, one group drew a picture of a swamp and one group drew a stream. Then one group described the picture without showing what they drew to the other group using adjectives until they guessed what it was. I wrote down these adjectives as the girls were saying them, some of the words were slimy, mucky, filthy for swamp and some of the words for stream were clean, beautiful, peaceful, inviting, etc. I related those adjectives to the types of frogs you could find at the different locations and the boys you choose to date (since we were wearing tiara's and looked like princesses for Glinda theme in Wizard of Oz). Moral: date boys that will keep you clean, beautiful and finding peace in that. I gave each girl a frog scrabble tile to place on her camp necklace.
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