Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm stuck on you

Nah, really just stuck on a mountain! No one likes this predicament:
Ditch on one side, drop off on the other . . .
The ditch IS an easier bind to get out of . . .
Were we prepared? Nope, nope. We only had a saw (as we were going to cut down a Christmas tree).
and the Christmas tree permit paper actually gave us a list of ways to be prepared before going out (note to self: read BEFORE venturing off and not while waiting to get unstuck in current situation) Bring a shovel, blankets, water . . . etc.
Grandpa is shorter AND goofier than the boys ;) haha
Kicking the snow out of the way:
I was in the car waiting to reverse and gun it - but really just taking pictures . . . and staying warm ;)
We did have our towing strap =)
But what really got us out was a prayer because Grandpa & Grandma's car was smaller than ours and we were in very deep snow with little room to maneuver around.
We drove in reverse all the way to the other road -maybe only a mile or so - but still craziness!
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