Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kitchen Backsplash

I highly recommend everyone doing this! It really updated the kitchen =) We got our tile on Craigslist for $40. It's 2 different tiles, but I think it goes together well.
After (and my cute little curtains I sewed too):
We need to grout it and put the outlet covers back on and I still need to paint the wall up above the tile - we didn't have enough to go all the way up to the cupboards, but can't beat the price and I think it will look just fine =)
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Kathy said...

The kitchen is so nice. You're so lucky to have those gorgeous tiles! Our house will be renovated next month and I'm so excited about it. Inspired by this post, I'll suggest to Mom and Dad that we'll use tiles in the kitchen. After all, the flooring of our living room and other parts of the house will be made of wood flooring. Tampa, Florida is really a nice place to live knowing it's beautiful places and quality construction products.

Thanks for sharing the incredible post, Jonathan and Cheri! I'm so inspired!