Friday, December 31, 2010

New Camera

I got a new camera for Christmas, now it's all about figuring out the functions - like for fast moving objects ;) Look close - it's a hummingbird trying to eat the silk flowers on my Christmas wreath (time to put away the decorations) today!
Then I shot a picture of Cannella:
and then the cat because it was sleeping with both its arms outstretched (so cute) . . . on the once folded laundry:
and then tried to get a picture of the big eagle that nests on Tolt Hill Road, but it wasn't around. We did spot a juvenile eagle - it was so massive in size:
So my sister Stacy won't be surprised that I took a photo of 'wildlife' for my first day playing with my new camera - hehe
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1 comment:

fawndear said...

Can't wait to see more pictures. I covet your camera BTW. I've been drooling over the T2I for a while now. I'll try and repent and not covet okay. Happy New Year!