Saturday, May 9, 2009

Adult Baptismal Gift

My good friend Ann Marie husband's getting baptized today! So awesome and neat for their family =) I made this for him:

It's a chocolate flower bouquet. It says Baptism, my first covenant at the top. On the chocolate nuggets that are glued to a skewer and poked into craft foam,
there are 5 that say At my baptism, I promise to:
-Come into the fold of God
-Stand as a witness of God at all times
-Take upon me the name of Christ
-Serve others and keep his commandments
-Bear one another's burdens
and 3 that say Because I was baptized, Heavenly Father promises to:
-Pour his spirit more abundantly upon me
-Forgive my sins
-Give me Eternal Life
The flowers have a different piece/size of chocolate in between 2 punched flowers.
I'm so excited for their beautiful family and I that I can share in their special day!! Love you guys =)
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fawndear said...

As always, I'm amazed by your creativity! If you ever give classes or have some brains to share I'd love a bit.

Hummmm, maybe you could start an new enrichment crafter's group??? Can't tell you how excited I am that your in my ward STILL!

debby said...

What font did you use for the word "baptism" ?

Jonathan and Cheri said...

fabulous 50s