Saturday, January 7, 2012

lesson 2, Primary 4 Game

I'm subbing in senior Primary, this game is for lesson #2, Primary 4 - Book of Mormon, Nephi follows his Father, the Prophet:
image found at (only have to buy the image once, then print out as many copies as you need - but please don't share or redistribute the file - thanks!)

This is how I will play:
   The cards are all numbered to match the numbered game board shapes and it's a team play - the marker is just used for going around the board.  I just divided up the lesson with all the scriptures for the kids to look up and read and then the very next card is the question that correlates with the scripture that was just read.  I'm actually going to divide the class into 2 groups - ones that will always read the scripture verses and the other group can read the questions and then anyone can answer.  
On the reverse side of some of the cards I wrote the letters P R O P H E T so the kids will be looking to see if their game piece has a letter.  At the end of the game they can unscramble the letters to spell the word.
The teacher cards are for me to just read aloud and discuss their ideas along with the lesson's or my own conclusions too.
Make sense?  Hopefully , . . . =)
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Anonymous said...

I just bought this game but realized you don't have any instructions. How does the game work best? Does each student move the marker one space at a time?