Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Chief

We attended a Christmas party last night and I snapped a photo of some of the teenagers coloring with the little kids, or should I say instead of the little kids. The coloring sheets were meant for the kids, but the younger children were happily eating as much sugar as possible from the goodie table (because they were not being monitored while the parents visited with one another) and running around the gym & stage with their friends. I guess the youth needed an activity too:

Oh, and Audrey asked everyone 'did you make a funny face?' after I snapped the photo - she must have assumed everyone else would be making a silly face =)

Keaton was so into his drawing he didn't even hear me say 'show me your picture'! But I should have know that he was busy detailing his own creation - he drew this:

Are those ice skates he's holding?  It's still a Halo character, just in a Santa suit!
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Cailean said...

Wow there is something so hilarious about a Halo character for Christmas. Good job!

Nathan said...

That drawing is great! And that was done without looking at another picture of Master Chief. Keaton has real talent! Looks like he has a nice career ahead of him.

Nathan said...

Keaton, it could also be that you are playing just a little bit of Halo in your spare time. That's not it - it's your drawing skillz.