Thursday, December 18, 2008


I told the boys they had to build me a snowman!  But I guess the snow wasn't packable =(  I got a 1-story snowman that was a head:
You can see the snowflakes still coming down - it snowed for a good 10 hours today!
Brady posing with the snowman or maybe 'running' behind it?:
Funny photo with Nick G. 

We measured 12 inches in different places today.  Craziness for snow amounts in the Seattle area.  I saw a hummingbird 2 days ago and defrosted the nectar and put it back out during the day time but haven't seen him since.  But this little guy was around a few times today:

Our week consisted of: no seminary all week, 2 hour delay for school on Monday & Tuesday, no school on Wednesday in anticipation of snow (and there wasn't any, nor was it icy!) and no school today or tomorrow & no basketball Wednesday-Saturday either.  Early Christmas break - all is HAPPY because tests, essays and homework are delayed =)
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