Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Boys make an Elevating Platform

Brady & Keaton built this TV platform with scraps from the rest of our projects with the supervision of Jonathan:

They were not happy to take on this project, but it was good for them ;)
Our Christmas tree took over a lot of space, so we had to push the TV in the corner and couldn't view it from the couch because of its high sides. Now we can watch TV from all angles of the room because it's raised up. Problem solved - hooray for the men (Brady & Keaton would love to hear me call them 'MEN' as they regularly insist they are and I just laugh) in my house!
The thing that made me nervous . . . okay, made me freak out was when I heard the saw being used upstairs by the boys when Jonathan was out in the garage! I know the boys are responsible and old enough . . . but as a mother, would you ever forgive yourself if one of them cut their finger off? NO!
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