Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Light Bulb

I haven't done my Visiting Teaching this month, so I read the message and came up with this craft idea:

It's a glass ornament ball turned upside down and glued in 2 tea lights to resemble a light bulb! The message is Jesus is our light - we find HOPE in Christ through the Atonement, Resurrection and Eternal Life.
I added tiny sticks (hay) behind the paper to hold the picture in place.  I thought yellow paper would help the 'light bulb' look.  It was pretty tough to get a good photo - really reflective lighting because of the ornament - I hope it's not hard to see what it is in real life - LoL  I will drop these off to Kendal & Jodi tomorrow - yup, last day of the month this time!
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fawndear said...

Creative and beautiful - As always.

Love your ideas.

Kendal said...

Cheri, Thank you. You know I love it, it has my favorite picture in it. You are great!

Cailean said...

Wow amazing!!! So innovative. It's such a hard month to be able to visit everyone! :)