Thursday, December 11, 2008

Homemade Lotion

Surprisingly it only looks as tasty as frosting ;)  It's lotion!
I made a winterizing lotion concoction using: 8 oz Vitamin E cream, 2 oz Vitamin oil, 13 oz Vaseline, 27 oz Baby Lotion & 6 oz Arbonne Body Lotion (the original recipe is 16 oz Vitamin E Cream, 15 oz petroleum jelly & 32 oz baby lotion).  I bought all my stuff at Walmart - cheap for name brand products =)
Whip it all up together with your mixer:

No one fighting over who's licking this beater ;)
And may I suggest using a jar so you can spoon it in - the recipe idea mentioned that - but I thought a bottle (I did like this web site for my ordering though!) would be much better - uhhh, not really - it was VERY time consuming funneling the lotion into the bottle (pounding it on the counter to get a drop or two at a time to go into the container). I guess I didn't think about not having a machine (like the manufacturers) to do this part for me ;)
The final product (it made seven 8 oz bottles):
And I made up a poem to go with it, which I will post below, BUT first I want to show you what my options were (written by someone else, and I apologize if they ever read that I made fun of it on my blog - but they are pretty bad!) I sort of figure it's okay to laugh (not nice, I know!) because I don't know who wrote them - there are no names claiming these poems:

Make yourself really happy,
Use this homemade lotion,
But only use a dabby!
When your feet are feeling cracky
And your legs are lookin’ scratchy
Reach for my homemade lotion
It's a magical potion
Reach for my homemade lotion
Whenever you get the notion
You sure will be glad you did
‘Cause rough skin you'll be rid

Not that I am a poet, and it did take me a long time to write mine - but hopefully it's better than the previous choices:

I wanted to make you a potion
So, I got this exciting notion
To generate some homemade lotion
And show my enduring devotion

My dear friend, it’s more than emotion
Sweetness larger than any ocean
How you rouse a cheery commotion
Always with best intents, I’d motion

Yes, pretty silly sounding too when I reread it - but I gotta post my silly ideas if I'm going to make fun of others =) I taped on the poem so it's more waterproof - I don't know how long it will last on the bottle though.  I made 2 batches (one scent was the cucumber melon and the other scent was vanilla oatmeal from the baby lotions) of this - if I do it again, I will use 4 oz containers and use jars.
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fawndear said...

Love the idea. Thanks for sharing.

I did something similar a few years ago and added super-fine (non-toxic) glitter of all things. Then my girls and I made fairy labels and called it fairy dust lotion. She gave it to her friends as a birthday party favor. I even enjoyed the little sparkles left behind.

Maybe instead of the funnel you could put the lotion in a ziplock bag, snip the end and squeeze it into the bottle. That seemed to work a little better when we tried it.

?- what did you use to scent your lotion?

Thanks again for sharing your fabulous ideas.

Jonathan and Cheri said...

The only scent for the lotion was the baby lotion - cucumber melon and vanilla oatmeal. So it's not too overwhelming. I wish I would have thought of zip lock baggies or a frosting bag! Good idea =) There was an option to add glitter, but I figured since I was giving these to adults, they wouldn't want the shiny hands ;)

Cailean said...

That would be a hilarious April Fool's joke to make that and your kids come to lick the batter. Hahaha! LOVE the poem - ha! :)