Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dining Room Table

Should I focus on something other than Christmas crafts?  We haven't been able to sit at our table for a meal for 5 days!  LoL

I have way too many things going on at once ;)  And yes, there's a table under all that mess!
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Wildflowerhouse said...

Oh dear me, I believe that you snuck into my house and took that picture. But mine has been that way since 2 days after Thanksgiving. LOL Sharon

Cailean said...

I think you should get your own craft room or craft guest house or something! You obviously love to do it and are talented. And who needs to eat anyway?! :)

Jonathan and Cheri said...

Jonathan built me a 200 square foot craft room - it's our detached studio, which is our bedroom for now until the upstairs is completed - waiting for inspections =( I can't wait to move all my craft stuff in there though - ahhhhh