Monday, February 2, 2009

Homemade Strawberry Jam

Looks like tomato sauce . . .  but it's really pureed strawberries - I put in in my blender before cooking it.  I don't like chunks in my jam . . . so is it jelly then?  Oh, I learned something, I looked online and maybe what I made is preserves?  LoL  Anyway, we'll use it like jam!
I am the type of person that even if it costs more to have the 'cute' lids and rings, then I am your sucker!  I am definitely a visual person, but it does make me happier to have cute homemade jam containers.  Silly, I know!  I found a helpful site and I did have extra pectin on hand, which it needed - so that is a great tip!  I made 7 1/2 jars of jam:

And they all sealed - really, that's the best part!  =)  
Can we say YUMMY . . . or sugary - they both apply ;)  Thanks Christina for lending me your canner =)  I really need to buy one.
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momofmonkeys said...

ummm YUMMMMMMY!! Where did you get strawberries this time of year?? I have an extra canner - it's yours if you come get it - LOL!

Jonathan and Cheri said...

I bought two 5 pound bags that were frozen whole in the Fall from a farmer! I even bought a bag of blackberries which I'll do some jam (preserves) too ;) Costco has Strawberries right now - but they for sure aren't sweet - who buys (enjoys) those anyway? Ahhhh, you have an EXTRA canner - yeah, I'll come get it . . .just not sure when ;) Do you still want our old DR table?

Cailean said...

That looks so delicious! What's the difference between preserves and jam anyway?