Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hanging Wooden Spool Decoration

The Visiting Teaching message in February is the Divine Roles of Women and I really wanted to create something crafty and cute with some wooden spools:
I designed a message to 'tie' into using wooden spools:
It says 'Women wind their attributes of charity, love, compassion & kindness around others'.
Here is what the whole thing looks like:

I added 4 spools to represent the 4 different attributes.
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Katie said...

so cute and clever! you can come visit teach me anytime! I might be borrowing your idea! where'd you get the wooden spools?

Scheris said...

The family loved your Chicken Pot Pie. Thank you! I even altered it some too to make due with what I had. I didn't use white pepper and I used heavy whipping cream instead of evap milk and I couldn't find the pastry flour, so just used regular flour. They said it was their favorite meal in many weeks. Thanks friend.