Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beaded Serving Utensils

Stephanie, my really great friend, has a birthday today, so I beaded 3 serving utensils as a gift for her:

Stephanie's favorite color is purple - here's an up close picture:

I watched (listened) to 2 movies while I beaded - I didn't realize how much time it takes, so next time you see one of these for sale, don't baulk at the price ;)  So, it took me about an hour to do 1 - I guess if you use bigger beads, have expert beading skills or don't bead the entire handle, it'd go faster =)  I've seen some with fancy wire spirals too - but I'm not that advanced!  hehe  Make sure to use corrosion resistant wire and always hand wash these babies.  Here is where I got my idea with instructions.
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Jonathan and Cheri said...

Author: shannon
You're welcome to link to photos and any other information, just put something like "linked [or reprinted] with permission of the author. Photos copyright 2007 Shannon Lawrence." I can't take credit for the idea, though. The instructions are written by me, and I own the copyright to the photos, but I learned the concept from Micki Hawkins, who, I think, learned how to make them from someone else. You may want to mention that somehow. Have fun CASEing! (Copy and Share Everything).

Anonymous said...

I love my silverware Cheri! I have taken it to EVERY event. The Blue and Gold Banquet, a Welcome Dinner and in my home, those who come over are greeted with my excitement over my beautiful new serving silverware. It was the BEST gift! I love you!