Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't Forget Your Church Shoes

We went to my sisters in Oak Harbor last weekend - the boys had a basketball game at South Whidbey (where my mom worked and Craig, Stacy & Sarah graduated from about 12 years ago) on Saturday and Cayden & Koby were ordained by Jonathan on Sunday.
We dropped the boys off at South Whidbey High School Saturday evening and Jonathan & I had about 2 hours to spend in Langley while we waited for the game to start.
At the end of our touring the town of Langley, Jonathan mentioned he forgot to bring his church shoes.  There were no shoe stores in this town . . . so we checked out the thrift store around the corner.  Not only did we find a pair of dress shoes in his size, barely worn, Kenneth Cole, leather interior, BUT the best part is they were $2.  
Yes, it is 'good cheer' for a $2 pair of nice shoes:
If only Keaton would have mentioned he forgot his church shoes before Sunday morning too because he had to wear what he brought:
But those weren't as bad as what Brady had to wear with his church attire:
I guess I'm still not off the hook YET for reminding the other individuals in my family to bring certain items when we go out of town ;)  Ironic thing is 2 weeks ago, I slipped on my flip flops after putting on my nylons and didn't notice I forgot to change my shoes until we got to church:  

I really hope no one thought I was trying to start a new trend - LoL  It wasn't a good look!!
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