Friday, February 13, 2009

I had a Play Date

Could a 5 year old be any cuter??  =)  Claire wanted the picture that I took for her mommy's computer - I told her 'no way, I'm blogging your cuteness' but Claire was very biased (boo-hoo) and insisted, so I gave in and agreed to send it to her mother - but first I used it ;)
Claire visited me today because her mom is sick, she calls coming to my house a 'play date' - who knew I wasn't too old for that?  ;)  My own mother was over and asked Claire if she was the oldest in her family, she said 'yes, I have a little brother Oscar'.  My mom says to her 'is he a grouch'?  I was shocked!!  I would have never said something like that to a kid I didn't know - but Claire not missing a beat says 'Oh, you're thinking of Sesame Street'.  So we all laughed - Claire is super quick like that.  Claire then states 'but Oscar {my brother} doesn't live in a {garbage} can'.  LoL
We always play I spy in the car when we're together, she's actually VERY good at it.  She's very descriptive and knows how to choose the really hard items!  So, I chose a red triangle and Claire guesses 'is it the hazard lights' - yup, the triangle was indeed the button for the hazard lights - Claire said her mom taught her that.  So, Claire chooses something and says 'it's green and sometimes yellow, in my case it's green' - what does that even mean?  LoL  Jonathan asks 'is it the cigarette lighter' (there was a round yellow light illuminating it) and Claire asks 'what's a cigarette lighter' - great, now she's going to repeat that new piece of information she just learned!  LoL  It ended up being the heater light.  I guess in her parents car, it's green and in our car it's yellow.  Too much info makes you think too hard because it took us a little while before we started guessing each individual light in the car ;) 
Claire, super proud of herself, told me that she cooks for herself when her mom is feeling sick.  I asked her what she cooked and she said 'chicken nuggets or Cheerios' - I am totally laughing and thank goodness she is laughing right along with me!  She has no idea how adorable she is.  I ask Claire how she cooks chicken nuggets and she says 'I get them out of the freezer, I get a plate, I put the nuggets on the plate, I get a chair and I stand on the chair to reach the microwave, then I push 1 minute and when the timer rings, they're done.  **2 second pause** Do you want to hear how I cook Cheerios?'  I am laughing out tears now and she is only laughing too because I am laughing. . . she knows something is funny - but probably not quite sure exactly what!  
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