Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What am I creating?

So, here I go on this crazy time-consuming (or basically a day waster) project ;)  Each of these card designs are 3x3 and I have 12 done and 8 to go . . . then I have to duplicate each one 4 more times:

It took me all day to do 6 on Monday and 6 on Tuesday, I'm hoping I can crank out 8 today.  I really think that coming up with different designs is the most time consuming thing - we'll see when I start mass producing duplicates tomorrow ;)  My remaining 8 blank canvases:

You'll have to check back to see the finished project . . . hopefully by Saturday for Valentine's Day!  Do you have a favorite Valentine word =)  I am running out - I've used delish, adorable, cuteness, I love you, dreamy, together forever, be my Valentine, kisses, yummy . . . 
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1 comment:

Cailean said...

I just knew you'd go all out for Valentine's Day! You came up with great words and if you need more, go to Merriam Webster's thesaurus online and you'll find a ton!!