Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Random Things About Cheri

A few people tagged me on Facebook, but I'm going to respond on my blog!
  1. I buy the Costco pack of baby wipes to use for multiple tasks which none are to wipe a baby’s bum!
  2. I have an obsession for bird watching, does that make me a stalker of sorts?
  3. I honestly do not call it ‘lying’ if a mistruth is for a surprise or the person will find out later the facts as long as it doesn’t hurt that person’s feelings . . . or if you’re in dart wars and you’re trying to gather information when my kids will be coming home and I tell you 2 hours later from the real time ;)
  4. My teenage boys still snuggle next to me on the couch while watching a movie!
  5. I bring coloring crayons and books and snacks to church with me in case a small child sits with us during Sacrament Meeting or for emergencies =)
  6. I am a water snob – I never drink water from the tap and most is from Water-to-go.
  7. I always like to look down the Chap-stick and Band-aid aisles in the store. 
  8. I always have gum in my purse (and chap-stick).
  9. I buy cute items, (ie. ribbon, paper, etc.) but have a tough time using them, I just like knowing I have it!
  10. I love jingle bells.
  11. I love to play board and card games.
  12. I have been called ‘Mary Poppins’ because of what I carry around with me!
  13. I hate rides at the fair, I do not do heights and have no desire to visit the moon one day!
  14. I love camping and want to buy a motorhome or trailer of some kind one day.
  15. My favorite animals are otters, hummingbirds and seahorses.
  16. I had a calling to be the music leader in Primary although I do not sing, nor read music or know how to lead!
  17. If I went back to school, I would study interior design.
  18. I love ziplock bags!
  19. I love party and event planning =)
  20. I love to learn creative new skills, but really dread the thought of going back to school – teach me and I can usually pick it up.
  21. I hate moths . . . and spiders.  The buzzing of bees gives me chills every time!
  22. I have never been to Las Vegas . . . or Hawaii.
  23. I do not like the idea of the ‘middle of the ocean’ and claustrophobia keeps me from scuba diving . . . well, that and sharks!
  24. Movies I watch over and over are El Dorado, 6 Days/7 Nights and Rescuers Down Under.
  25. I floss (and brush) twice a day!  
What are 25 Random things about you Baby?  =)
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1 comment:

Desiree said...

Loved your 25 items! I also collect ribbons, etc. and have a hard time using them, they are just to cute to use. :)