Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fasting - get 'filled' with the Holy Ghost

I used the same layout from VT for July for my Fasting lesson in YW:
I am using the handout shaped like this to use on a take-out box:
And this on a pair of chopsticks - the kanji character is for pray - couldn't find one online (quick enough) for fasting:
I filled the take-out box with 3 fortune cookies dipped in white almond bark and sprinkles.
On the back of the take-out box I hot-glued a magnet (as well as the chop sticks at the top) so it can go on the fridge as a reminder when fasting =) But it doesn't hold up when the cookies are in it - too bad they'll have to eat the cookies first ;)
Maggie helped with this lesson, so she came over to make the handouts and dip the cookies with me!
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Cori said...

Can you be my Visiting Teacher! Where do you come up with all your crativity??

Anonymous said...

You are SO creative!!! How do you do it? Thank you for sharing! :-)

Lois Cook Berrett said...

Very, very cute. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

very cute!

Anonymous said...

you're RIDICULOUS! how can anyone keep up with you? crazy girl-i love your gutz! xoxo~annmarie