Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

I made the boys build another snowman . . . okay, so the bribe was if they made a real snowman (as opposed to the one they tried to pass off before), then they got to open a present tonight!
They recycled the arms and eyes from the snowman that was buried under 6'' of snow, I guess we'll have to see if we can find it a mouth in the day light ;)

Brady measured 17'' of snow:
Is more snow on its way?

Today while driving uphill we slid into the side of a bank of snow and got stuck - our wheels were just spinning.  A pickup truck came by and offered to pull us backward down the hill into a parking lot about 25 feet away.  A good Samaritan =)  Sounded good, except he pulled us right into the ditch.  So, that pretty much stressed me out!  The 4-runner was at a 90 degree angle to the road and the more we tried to get the car out, the worse it got stuck - the Darringtons and Gessels (more good Samaritans) were shoveling snow out behind our tires and it helped a lot and then a monster truck came by and pulled us right out - thank goodness!!  We just needed the 'right' tool =)  We even ventured all around town after that and then went to Costco 1/2 hour away!

What's up with the snow plows around here - I've driven past 5 in the last week and not one has been scraping the snow - why bother driving it around like another car?  I've seen more sanded roads than cleared off ones!
No garbage trucks for 2 weeks - but we did get to take all our garbage and recyclables to the city's dumpsters today!  Mail wasn't delivered 2 days in the last week and I got to stand in line for 30 minutes today to get my parcels ;)  Airlines have been delayed and so the boys aren't able to fly standby to Texas to see their dad - so they're homebound for the entire Christmas vacation.  It's been a crazy winter!  I guess they won't be missing any basketball practices - which is a good thing.
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Kendal said...

I know what you mean about the snow plows. It drives me CRAZY. In Alpine, Utah snowplows drive around 24/7 scraping up everything. Is it that hard? Come on, Duvall! Have a great and cozy Christmas! Say Hi to your boys. :)