Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cooking Day

I cooked all day today - pork for fajitas, shredded pork & shredded beef (kept them separate from each other) with a homemade barbecue sauce, stew beef, sliced beef for sandwiches, potato soup, taco meat, italian meat (for spaghetti, gravies, etc.) and sausage - labeled them all with contents and dates.

Now, we can pull something from the freezer and make it super fast!  I will cook up some chicken another day - I'm tired and my feet are super sore!
I love ziplock bags - honestly, they are one of my favorite things and if I would have gotten some under the tree as a gift, I'd be thrilled ;)

I drove the boys to basketball practice up to the high school in the snow today.  A lot of the snow has melted - it's super warm out and the icicles have melted too.  The piles of snow on the roads are super slushy!  But that is not the story worth mentioning ;)  The slush was insane - I've never driven in worse conditions.  So, it felt like an arcade racing game (perhaps only women can relate - I think using a game controller on a racing game is a natural thing for a guy) and you feel very inadequate to be using the controller because although you are only going 25 mph on screen, you are wobbling over the whole road every 2 seconds and doing four 360's in a row - except you realize that there's no 'play again' in a real vehicle - it's just game over!  ;)  Every single car that was out driving around was sliding uncontrollably whether it has chains on or was a big truck!  Absolute craziness.

We ate dinner and played games at the Collinwoods tonight, we learned that everyone in their family loves candy, but especially chocolate!

Darren really enjoys singing on Rock Band - it was so funny to listen to them all.  Next time I'll bring the camera so I can videotape a bit - LoL  I took this photo on the cell phone.  Melissa was babysitting, so we missed visiting with her.  Laura & Leroy are giving talks tomorrow on service - and there's only 1 hour of church tomorrow because of the roads!
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Katie said...

you need to teach me how to do that! It just seems overwhelming...where to start? I'd really love to do it one day!

Desiree said...

I agree! You are so amazing, I just don't feel like I have the energy to do all you do.